Saturday, November 11, 2017

Part 2 - vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack Dashboard Overview

In the second part, I will share the dashboards available with this management pack. These dashboards are targeted towards the Operations, Capacity and Compliance personas.

To get more details about this management pack click here.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Part 1 - Install and Configure vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack

VMware recently released the vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack. Since I see a number of folks asking about the new management pack, I thought it would be useful to have a video sries which can help you understand the use cases behind the vROps Federation Management Pack. This short video series will cover a number of important topics about the vRealze Operations Fedration Management Pack.

To get more details about this management pack click here.

In this first part, I will step you through the Installation and Configuration process of the Federation Management Pack. 

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Announcing General Availability of vROPS Federation Management Pack 1.0

We just announced the the Federation Management Pack for vRealize Operations Manager.

What is the Federation Management Pack:

The vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack helps you to unify your multi-site vRealize operations deployment into a single pane of glass. This solution allows you to instantiate a deployment of vRealize Operations Manager with the capability of receiving key metrics for specified objects from other vRealize Operations Deployment in your environment.

The management pack allows you to unlock the following use cases:
  • Provide a summary of Performance, Capacity and Configuration to Senior Executives and VI-Admins across all your vSphere environments.
  • Provide a unified view of events triggered across the virtual environments into a single page for making it easier for NOC / Helpdesk to initiate action.
  • Ability to create a data warehouse where user selected set of metrics could be stored for data archiving and reporting use cases.
  •  Ability to provide summarized views of Health and Configuration of your Software Defined Datacenter Stack. This includes core applications such as VMware vCenter, VMware NSX and VMware vSAN. The solution also covers the management applications such as vRealize Operations Manager, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Automation, vRealize Business and VMware Site Recovery Manager.Supports vROPS 6.6 and 6.6.1 

Getting Started Dashboard

The federation management pack comes with the Getting Started Page which allows you go through all the dashboards which comes with the solution. It also allows you to get a visibility into all the vROps environments you are monitoring with the Federation instance of vRealize Operations.

Documentation and Links:

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

vROps Webinar 2017 - Part 4 - Optimizing Workload Performance Using Automation

While we all know that, automating day to day operations tasks is becoming the choice of an IT organization, it is hard for them to find a solution which can completely understand their business policies and provide them the efficiency they need from automating simple operational tasks.

Based on our research, we found that, one of the most time consuming activity done by an Virtual Infrastructure Administrator is to juggle resources between the changing business requirements and ensure that every VM which is being hosted in their environment is BEING SERVED WELL.
With VMware vRealize Operations 6.6, a new and innovative solution is introduced to cater to this use case. While there are other products in the market which claim to have done this, what we have learned from our customers that Technology applied by those solutions quickly forgets that Automation should also consider business policies. This functionality is called Workload Balance. In our last episode of the webinar series, we discussed and demo'ed this capability.

Here is the recording:

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Announcing General Availability of VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 1.0

VMware just announced the aviability of VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager automates Day 0 to Day 2 operations of the entire vRealize Suite, enabling simplified operational experience for customers. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager automates lifecycle management with a single pane of glass, thereby freeing customer resources to focus on business-critical initiatives, while improving time to value (TTV), reliability, and consistency.

Here is quick video showcasing the product and capabilities:

Key capabilities include:

·       Simplified New Install of vRealize Suite
o  Product & Solution Based install (VVD)
o  Standardized deployment sizing (S/M/L)
o  Silent Install (infra as code)
·       Support Brownfield Environment - Import existing environment
·       Single sign-on (vIDM integration)
·       GUI & API based
·       Export configuration (JSON template)
·       Snapshot and one-click upgrade
·       Day 2 Operations - Scale-out, Organic growth
·       Pre-checks & Validation
· Integration
·       Configuration Management and Drift Reporting
·       Health Monitoring (Integration with vROPS SDDC Health)
·       Error Handling / Log Bundles
·       Aligned to VMware reference architecture & VMware validated designs
·       Backup and restore with EMC Avamar.

Important Links:

·       Download Landing Page

·       Release Notes